Press Section

  • Motorcycle International

    One rider particularly caught my eye because his speed and style were so impressive. He was eight years old. Ashley Beech is one of the rising stars of UK Mini Moto.

  • Bikesport News.

    The Lancashire Lad, Ashley Beech is leading two championships. We'll be keeping an eye on him and so will every team manager around. .

  • Robin Appleyard, Team Manager - Red Bull Rookies.

    Ashley has really, really impressed me and, for sure, he's a star of the future and I think that a lot of people who matter have really sat up and taken notice of his performance this weekend. If we've helped his career today by giving him this high profile opportunity, then I'm a happy man. It fits perfectly with what the Rookie project is all about in that it serves as a platform for future riders to flourish and thrive.